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A Collective History of MartialArts in Canada
1. Canadian Judo pioneer Frank Hatashita
  Seated on the left
2. Father of Canadian Jiu Jitsu, Ron. W. Forrester
  Seated on the right
3. Bruce Stanton, Early student of Shihan Forrester
  Standing directly behind Hatashita
4. Hal Batke, early student of Shihan Forrester
  Standing directly behind Forrester
5. Robert Walther
  In the back row behind Stanton
Photo courtesy of Shihan Forrester




Shihan Guest, Sensei Walther, O-Sensei Tsurouka


From left to right: Sensei Gino Egizii, Sensei Robert Walther, Sensei Angelo Egizii, Sensei Monty Guest, Sensei Mark Bell and Sensei Paul Retzell.

Early photo of Dr Chitose, founder of Chito-Ryu Karate-do


Chau Sifu and Robert Walther (Right)

Sensei Guest, Sensei Walther and Sensei Hadwen


Sensei Bev Leonard, Shihan Forrester, Sensei Bob Leonard, Yoga instructor Nama Walther and Sensei Robert Walther

Kai Shin Dojo Flyer: Circa 1967


Sensei Guest and Gen. Choi, the Founder of Taekwondo

Sensei Guest and Nagamine Sensei


Sensei Guest, Sensei Overton and Sensei Rizzo

Sensei Guest, Sensei Slocki and Sensei Chapman



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