Training Aids Now Available

If you require sparring equipment, training DVD's, or General information about Martial Arts, contact your Sensei.
DVD's are available for karate kata, Kung-Fu forms, weapons forms and more. Gis, belts, hand and foot guards, kicking shields etc are all available. See your Sensei for details.



Sensei Paul Brown

Sensei Paul Brown's course curriculum is FINALLY complete... for now. It is 77 pages in length (with space for notes) & includes material from Kosho Ryu Kempo & Dai Nippon Jiu-Jitsu, as well as anatomy & physiology.
To preview the curriculum, please visit Lulu is an online publisher that I have used multiple times. They are reliable to order from & a secure site as well. Shipments are typically received approximately 1 week from order date. There are Colour and Black & White versions available. I also hope to have some copies available at the upcoming seminars, but I am not certain that I will still have stock from my first order by then.
Colour - $24.99US B&W - $14.99US Download Options Available As Well

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