Snow Tiger Alumni

This page is dedicated to the deserving Martial Artists who have received their Black Belts through the Snow Tiger System.
Our Progress of Black Belt exams consists of a 6 - 7 hour pre-exam (Sho-Dan-Ho), which can be equated to an Iron Man Triathalon in terms of intensity and physical conditioning. If successful, the candidate then proceeds to Mississauga to be graged by Shihan Forrester (father of Canadian Jiu Jitsu), in Jiu jitsu, which is about 2.5 hours long, and Shihan Monty Guest (Headmaster of the Kai-Shin Karate Assotiation), in Karate, which is about 5 hours long.
Each of these Black belts has earned their title and bears an honourable mention.

Albert, Terry (Walther)
Armstrong, Brian (Walther)
Bryans, Allan (L. Dafoe)
Baker, Larissa (Hollman/Walther)
Baumhour, Mitch (Lloyd)
Beaubiah, Kyle (Chisholm)
Berry, Jim (Walther)
Berry, Sheila (Walther)
Bertin, Brad (Walther)
Bertin, Lynn (Walther)
Blimkie, Brian (Bev & Bob Leonard)
Boivin, Pierre (Walther)
Brereton, Bev (Walther)
Brooker, Jody (Bev & Bob Leonard)
Brookhoeven-Fiene, Hannah (Chisholm)
Brown, Mike (Chamberlain)
Brown, Paul (Stanton/Walther)
Brydon, Harvie (Walther)
Burnie, Colin (Walther)
Caldwell, Robert (Wado-Ryu) (Minera)
Car, Joe (Lloyd)
Cassidy, Paul (Walther)
Chadwick, Kim
Chamberlain, Robert (Walther)
Chisholm, Stan (Langevin)
Cleverdon, Ryan (Bev & Bob Leonard)
Cleverton, Tom (Bev & Bob Leonard)
Conyors, Tom (Dalley)
Cotnam, Judy (Walther)
Dafoe, Lynn (Cassidy/Trudeau/Walther)
Dafoe, Sue (Cassidy/Trudeau/Walther)
Dafoe, Tiffany (Cassidy/Trudeau/Walther)
Dalley, Dave (Lloyd)
Darlington, Mary (Chisholm)
Darrington, Jeff (Hadwen)
Davis, Dave (Chisholm)
Denard, Larry (Bev & Bob Leonard/Walther)
Denard, Linda (Bev & Bob Leonard/Walther)
Desilets, Stephane (Walther)
Dewitt, Al (Walther)
Dodd, Rick (Lloyd) Duffy, Linda (Bev & Bob Leonard)
  Favre, Jordan (Hollman/Walther)
Fleming, Terry (Walther)
Forget, Ron (Hadwen)
Foulkes, Dan (Walther)
Foulkes, Darryl (Walther)
Foulkes, Reg (Walther)
Goltz, Mark (Walther)
Grabowski, Bob (Bev & Bob Leonard)
Granger, Jocelyne (Walther)
Gregg, Adrian (Hadwen)
Grenier, Claude (Walther)
Hadwen, Tom (Walther)
Harley, Robin (Bev & Bob Leonard)
Harris, Pat (Walther)
Hathway, Nicole (Walther)
Hatton, Graham (Walther)
Heuving, Sue (L. Dafoe)
Hill, Ken (Bev & Bob Leonard)
Hollman, Gary (Walther)
Hubert, Noel (Walther)
Johnstone, Doug (Chamberlain)
Kay, Jim (Walther)
Kearney, Rick (Walther)
Kelso, Mark (Walther)
Lachance, Richard (Walther)
Lafontaine, Bill (Walther)
Langevin, Terry (Walther)
Leblanc, Francois (Walther)
Legault, Don (Walther)
Leonard, Bev (Walther)
Leonard, Bob (Walther)
Lewis, John (Walther)
Lloyd, Vaughn (Walther)
Logan, Craig (Bev & Bob Leonard)
Lord, Wayne (Dalley)
Lundy, Bill (Walther)
Magwood, Greg (Walther)
Mahoney, Murray (Walther)
Maurer, Charlene (Fleming)
McCann, David (Chisholm)
McCaw, Bill (Lloyd)
McCory, Ron
McCoy, Brent (Walther)
  Meinzinger, Alister (Walther)
Meinzinger, Dave (Walther)
Mokros, Kim (T. Dafoe/Langevin/Chisholm)
Mokros, Paul (T. Dafoe/Langevin/Chisholm)
Montrose, Heather (Chisholm)
Nielsen, Jessye (Walther)
Oullette, Gary
Page, Julie (Walther)
Palmateer, Aaron (Lloyd)
Palmer, Sean (Hadwen)
Perks, Larry (Walther)
Powick, Kevin (Chamberlain)
Preece, Darryl (Walther)
Robertson, Howard (Bev & Bob Leonard)
Ross, Beth (Hadwen)
Saunders, Cheri (Walther)
Schlamp, Duane (Walther)
Schofield, Ron (Chamberlain)
Seguin, Phil (Walther)
Sellers, Ivy (Langevin/Chisholm)
Senier, Tim (Hadwen)
Sheppard, Michael (Linda & Larry Denard)
Slauenwhite, Glen (Walther, Hollman)
Stephens, Petra (L. Dafoe)
Taylor, Robert (Walther)
Tessier, Alain (Walther)
Tessier, Loretta (Walther)
Thibault, Kevin (Hadwen)
Toop, Kaia (L. Dafoe)
Tripp, Phill (Bev & Bob Leonard)
Trudeau, Shawn (Walther)
Van Balen Walter, Bob (Dalley)
Van Dreumel, Albert (Lloyd)
Van Dyk, Max (Walther)
Van Dyk, Sharron (Walther)
Vanexan, Dan (Walther)
Walther, Robert (Chao/Forrester/Guest/Tom)
Werden, Jim (Dafoe)
Westall, Cheryl (Walther)
Willams, Steven (Hollman/Walther)
Winkler, Greg (Walther)
Young, Shontell (Hollman/Walther)
Zwicker, Peter (Lloyd)

Tai Chi and Chi Kung Lineage

Instructors since 1973
Chamberlain, Robert
Granger, Jocelyne
Magwood, Greg
Zabludofsky, Sandra
  Felts, Jean
Lehman, Stephanie
McLaren, Dave
  Langevin, Terry
Leonard, Bev
Walther, Robert

Kung Fu Lineage

Instructors since 1973
Chamberlain, Robert
Walther, Robert
  Magwood, Greg   Nielsen, Jessye

The lists above are incomplete. Names will be added as instructors file them. If your name should be on this list, please contact your instructor.

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