CQMA Gradings

Brandon, MB: Spring, 2015

The martial arts benefit youngsters throughout the world, helping to develop discipline and respect while providing them with the tools and the energy to tackle the problems life will occasionally throw at them. The following photos were sent by Sensei Noel Hubert of the Close Quarter Martial Arts Club located in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. The photos are from a recent grading that was held at the Oak Lake Community School.



Bancroft Kyu Gradings

March 12, 2015

Bancroft Kyu Gradings

March 12, 2015

Bancroft This Week

Tai Chi Artcile



Close Quarter Martial Arts

Oak Lake, Manitoba



Thanks to Sensei Noel Hubert, of Close Quarter Martial Arts, for this photo of his students in Oak Lake, Manitoba. We have Martial Arts family all across the country!

Biomechanics with Bruce Stanton

March 29, 2014




Black and Brown Belt Class

Elite Martial Arts, January 12, 2014




Grand Prior Award

Erica Hollman

H.L. (Skip) Simpson, SBStJ, CD, Chair, Community Services Quinte Service Centre; Vice Chair, Loyalist Branch, St John Ambulance



As Chair of Community Services Quinte it is a distinct pleasure to congratulate Erica Hollman on receiving the Grand Prior’s Award from the Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario. As you know this is the highest award in the St John Cadet movement and to quote the old army phrase, “these things are not handed out with the morning rations.” It takes a great deal of effort and dedication to attain this great achievement. On behalf of all of us in Quinte and indeed on behalf of the Board of Directors of Loyalist Branch may we extend our hearty congratulations to Erica in reaching this milestone with St John Ambulance. To Chrizzy Coakley, Joanne Biggs, Dave Rogers and all the other dedicated youth leaders, thank you for all you have contributed to Erica’s development. You had a large part to play in Erica’s achievement. This past spring Erica’s mom our own Nancy Hollman was invested in to the Order for her tireless efforts in Quinte. And finally to the Hollman family, your contributions to St John are well recognized and a sincere thanks for all you do.

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