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I Wish

By Lily
I Wish
I wish I had a house made of gumdrops, licorice, chocolate and ice cream so I could eat my favourite candy every day of the week.
I wish I worked at an ice cream shop and on my break I could eat all kinds of ice cream.
I wish I could go to China so I could eat dumplings and watch people that dress up in dragon costumes.
I wish my class was quiet so I could work better in my class.
I wish I could fly so I could find a world above the clouds full of candy.
I wish I had one hundred kittens so I could snuggle with them during a thunderstorm.
I love thunderstorms because they help plants grow but I donít like the big booms!

To: My Karate Teacher By: Lily


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What is Shiatsu Massage

By Shihan Ken Hoggart, Shining Mountain Dojos Canada

What is Shiatsu or Shiatsu Massage Therapy?
Many martial artists have heard of Shiatsu and know that it can provide a certain healing aspect in various martial arts and that it relates to the human body meridian system. I'd like to take this opportunity to elaborate a little more on Shiatsu.
Shiatsu is a method of stimulating the body's organs through the meridian system. Acupuncture works certain points on the body. Those points are found along the meridian system. In Shiatsu we work on those same meridian lines although, instead of puncturing the skin, we work through finger or thumb pressure and repetition. By repeating the finger pressure on the lines, in a specific sequence, we are able to stimulate the organs that correspond to each meridian line. Our overall goal is to stimulate the organs and have them work in harmony, usually creating a relaxed and peaceful state afterwards.
In Hakko Denshin Ryu Ju Jutsu, any student preparing for Shodan (1st degree black belt) is required to have taken our full Shiatsu course, which is usually a whole weekend adventure. The reason for this requirement is that learning to heal and promote wellness, is equally important as typical martial arts techniques. Another reason for learning Shiatsu in Hakko Denshin Ryu Ju Jutsu is that knowing where the "special" points are on the body, is very helpful during self defense. In our art, we utilize these points for effective distractions and pain compliance.
Learning Shiatsu has many benefits in martial arts, both from a health and well-being perspective, and from a self defense or protection point of view. As martial artists, the more we learn about the human body and how it works, the better that makes us as a person.
Shining Mountain Dojo Canada would like to offer an introduction to Shiatsu seminar in 2010. This introduction seminar will be approximately 3 hours in length and would allow members of the Canadian Jujitsu Council to learn and experience the art of Shiatsu. Wear comfortable clothes, bring a towel to lay your head on, a note pad to take notes, and we will share some of the fundamentals of Shiatsu with you. We will partner up and take turns working Shiatsu points to gain a better understanding as we both give and receive Shiatsu. More information regarding Shiatsu, from Hakko Denshin Ryu Ju Jutsu, can be found on our website If you are interested in getting your name on a registration list for a Shiatsu seminar, please contact us at 519-227-0216 or

Enjoy your training, be safe, and be well.

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