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Gary Hollman appointed to Assistant Instructor

Rank Gradings

Members of the 8 Wing Trenton MAC children's class just finished rank gradings in Karate and in Jiu Jitsu. Posing with their new Orange Belt Stripes are Evan "The Tiger" (lt) and Michael "Ironman".


Recent Black Belt Graduates

Sensei Gary Hollman (Instructor), Sensei Shontell Young, Sensei Jocelyne Grainger, Sensei Jordan Favre, Sensei Bob Walther (Instructor)


Future Black Belt . . .



Nine year old Craig Christensen is a young martial artist of whom we can all be very proud. He has been raising money to help children with cancer over the last three years by having his hair completely shaved off. His efforts began with the Valentines Hair Massacre for The Make a Wish Foundation in 2008, raising $360. In 2009, he raised another $530 for the same fundraiser. And in 2010 he raised $570 for Cops for Cancer. That adds up to $1,460 worth of hair!
Craig’s parents Andrea and Lawrence tell us that his primary motivation came from seeing his friend Kayla stricken with cancer at age four when they were both in Kindergarten. At the time, Kayla was suffering from a brain tumour. Following a year of treatments, she became cancer free.
Thank you for your excellent work, Craig!
Craig Christensen practices at the 8 Wing Trenton Martial Arts Club


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